Barbecued Pork with Sticky Rice…My best breakfast ever!

Barbecued Pork with Sticky Rice – Kao nieow moo phing –  ข้าวเหนียวหมูปิ้ง

Kao nieow moo phing was what I had for breakfast today.


When I lived abroad, I usually ate cereal with milk in the morning. Sometimes, slices of bread with Nutella. Having these breakfasts for a while made me miss breakfasts I had in my hometown which, of course, I could not find them there.  At that time, I really missed a tasty and easy (to buy) breakfast like Kao nieow moo phing which is cooked over a charcoal grill. I did miss the smell of grilled meat too.


Kao nieow moo phing is one of the typical Thai breakfasts that can be found on a street in the morning. It’s cheap and ready-to-eat food. Some vendors also provide sauces. The tastes of the sauces of each vendor are different. Some of them are very tasty, while some of them are not. However, Moo phing itself (barbecued pork) is very yummy! I remembered that when I was young I loved eating only Moo phing and pretended that sticky rice was not there.


As you can see from the photos, this vendor also sold grilled entrails. Well, I preferred to buy only barbecued pork and sticky rice.

Usually, barbecued pork costs 5-10 baht a stick, and sticky rice costs 5 baht a pack. Today my breakfast cost only 35 baht. Don’t forget to try it once when you visit Bangkok.

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