Basic Thai Language, Part1

The official language of Thailand is Thai. We use Thai language in our daily lives. Thai language has its own characters, so itis difficult for foreigners who are not familiar with the language to guess the meaning when they see the signs. Some people do not speak English at all, so I think it would be good to learn some Thai words before you visit Thailand.


Anyway, I am not going to teach you to read or write Thai here; I just want to give you some basic words that I think it might help you when you want to communicate with local people.

The three first words that you should know because you will have much chance to say it are hello/ goodbye, thank you, and excuse me.

  1. Hello/ Goodbye                   Sa-wad-dee (สวัสดี)
  2. Thank you                             Kob-khun(ขอบคุณ)
  3. Excuse me                             Kho-toht (ขอโทษ)

To make the conversation more polite, in Thai we will put “Ka” at the end of the words and sentences for female and put “Krub” at the end of the words and sentences for male. So, those words should be said as below

  1. Hello/ Goodbye       Sa-wad-dee-ka (สวัสดีค่ะ) or Sa-wad-dee-krub (สวัสดีครับ)
  2. Thank you                 Kob-khun-ka(ขอบคุณค่ะ)or Kob-khun-krub(ขอบคุณครับ)
  3. Excuse me                 Kho-toht-ka (ขอโทษค่ะ) or Kho-toht-krub (ขอโทษครับ)

And you should know that some people are lazy to pronounce “r”. So, do not be surprised if you heard the guys say “Kub” instead of “Krub”.

Let’s continue with six more words that you are likely to use them.

  1. How are you?           Sa-bai-dee-mai-ka (สบายดีไหมคะ) or

                                             Sa-bai-dee-mai-krab (สบายดีไหมครับ)

  1. I am fine                    Sa-bai-dee-ka (สบายดีค่ะ) or Sa-bai-dee-krab (สบายดีครับ)
  2. Yes                              Chai-ka (ใช่ค่ะ) or Chai-krub (ใช่ครับ)
  3. No                               Mai-chai-ka (ไม่ใช่ค่ะ) or Mai-chai-krub (ไม่ใช่ครับ)
  4. Can                             Dai-ka (ได้ค่ะ) or Dai-Krub (ได้ครับ)
  5. Cannot                       Mai-dai-ka (ไม่ได้ค่ะ) or Mai-dai-krub (ไม่ได้ครับ)      
  6. Never mind               Mai-pen-rai-ka (ไม่เป็นไรค่ะ) or

                                              Mai-pen-rai-krub (ไม่เป็นไรครับ)

I hope it is not too difficult for you! Enjoy learning.

Have you ever learned Thai? Is it difficult for you? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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