Be careful… Thailand street food is not always cheap

Eating street food is one of the ways to learn culture while visiting a country. Street food stalls are available all over Thailand. They are famous for both cheap and delicious.

Recently, I have heard more and more people complaining about the overpriced food on the street in Thailand. The complaints were from both locals and tourists. In many cases, the stall owners do not provide the price, and the customers know the price after finishing a meal. Then, no choice, they have to pay.

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Actually, if you find the stalls or restaurants that do not provide the food price, you can call to Office of The Consumer Protection Board (OCPD) at 1166 or Department of Internal Trade (DIT) at 1569 to make a complaint. Just give an officer the detail of the stalls or restaurants such as name and address. Then, the officer will go checking at the stalls or restaurants within 7 days. Then, if the officer finds that the price is not provided, the shop owners will be fined and you will get a reward.

Making a complaint can also be done via mobile application named ‘OCPB Complain’ which is available on both iOS and Android.

Well, if you are a tourist, it might be waste of your holiday time which is precious. My recommendation for you is to check the price first before ordering the food even if you are eating on street. Remember, it is not always cheap!

Hope this information helps. Enjoy traveling Thailand.

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