Be Together… a Thai short movie from Thanwa Suriyajak

Be Together is a short film from Rungsit University students and it is one of the three short films promote Nan, a province in northern Thailand (The other two short films are Postcard and Mr.Peter’s Project). Last two week, I have recommended you a short film named Long Rak Loei which is produced by students from Rangsit University. If you like that film, you might like this one too.


Be Together is directed by Thanwa Suriyajak; he is one of the actor in Long Rak Loei. It is a drama short film reflecting a problem in teenager’s life, which is pregnancy before marriage. Nowadays this problem is happening more and more in our society. The film shows how this problem affects their lives.

I think it is good to use this topic as a main theme of the film. The teenager should know what will happen if they are pregnant while studying. Anyway, the screenplay is not that good. It did not touch my heart or my feelings much.

Unfortunately, the short film does not have English subtitle yet. If I can find the one with a subtitle, I will update this post. In case that you know Thai, you can watch the film from link below. Enjoy watching!

Have you ever watched Be Together? Do you like this Thai short film? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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