Beijing…I wanna see the great wall

Do you speak Chinese? Are you from china? These common questions I’ve been asked all my life. I was born in Thailand, and my parents were born in Thailand too. But, my grandparents came from China. That’s why I look like a Chinese woman. So, I think I could say I’m Thai-Chinese. I always want to see many places in China, but I was worried about the language. I could not speak Chinese, so I was not sure that I could survive in China.

On September 2010, I really needed a break from my work. I wanted to go somewhere completely different… somewhere I hadn’t gone before. But, I also needed time to find necessary information to travel in that place. At that time there was an international travel fair selling cheap tour packages. Since I could not wait, I decided to buy a package to Korea and China. Then, I just packed my bag, chucked my passport in, and flew away home.

However, this package allowed me to visit only Beijing and only 2 days. I have been to Forbidden City (Chinese Palace), Tiananmen Square, Bird’s Nest (Beijing National Stadium), and of course the Great Wall of China. I went there the first week of October 2010. I did not know before that it was the week of China’s National Holiday. Everywhere was very crowded especially at Tiananmen Square. I realized later that all Chinese from everywhere in China came to Beijing during this period.

Beijing01 Beijing02 Beijing03

One of the reasons that I bought this package was because I wanted to see the Great Wall of China through my little eyes. The Great Wall was bigger than I expected. I could not see both the starting point and the ending point; I was somewhere in the middle.

Beijing04 Beijing05

2 days was not nearly enough time. I did not feel a connection to my ancestor! I decided that I would return to China one day.


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