Belgium… Which city do you like most?

My friends and I visited Belgium in March 2012. We had a chance to visit only 4 cities in Belgium: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp. And, these 4 cities gave me 4 different feelings.

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, disappointed me. This city was busy and dirty with many people on streets. Actually I should have known before I went there because these characteristics are the nature of most capital cities around the world. We used this city as a base to explore other cities in Belgium and Luxemburg.

 Belgium01 Belgium02

What I like most in Brussels was the central square, which was full with beautiful buildings and fun atmosphere.

 Belgium03 Belgium04 Belgium05

Ghent is not far from Brussels. This city was more charming than Brussels. We went there as a day trip. On the early morning while walking to the city center, it was quite cold and foggy, and I felt like this city was an abandoned town.

Belgium06 Belgium07

Then, the sunshine suddenly changed my feelings toward this city. I like the views of the buildings along the river.

 Belgium09 Belgium08

Bruges From Ghent, we took a train to Bruges, and I liked this city the most. It was a pleasant town. It was a good city for sightseeing and walking around. I was regret that I did not choose Bruges as a base. This medieval city sometimes was referred to as “the Venice of the North” because there were many canals around the town, and boat trip was a great way to explore the city. Well, for me, the canals were not that many when comparing to Venice.

Belgium10 Belgium11 Belgium12

Antwerp On the way to Amsterdam, before leaving Belgium, we stopped and walked around in Antwerp. Antwerp welcomed me with the gorgeous train station. The city was not that big; we spent only couple of hours there.

 Belgium13 Belgium14 Belgium15

How about you? Have you ever been to Belgium? Which city do you like most? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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