Benjakitti Park… A park in the middle of buildings

Benjakitti Park is the park with a large lake in the business area of Bangkok. When you are in the park, you always see buildings in the background.

 BenjakittiPark01 BenjakittiPark02

Both locals and foreigners came to exercise at this park. Almost of them either ran or rode the bicycles. The park also offered rowboats and watercycles. The park became quite crowded in the evening.

 BenjakittiPark03 BenjakittiPark04

What I liked the most here was a separate bike lane. The riders and the runners used the different lanes to avoid collision and both lanes went around the lake. Anyway, if I want to ride a bicycle, Vachirabenjatas Park (Rod Fai Park) is still my best choice because Vachirabenjatas Park (Rod Fai Park) is much bigger than this park. Well, if I want to run, this park will be my choice because it is more convenience to go.


If you are living in Bangkok, this public park could be your choice to spend time in the evening. If you don’t like running or riding, you can try rowing a boat.

Update: May, 2014

Location: The park is located near Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre station. The easiest way to go there is to get off MRT at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre station and take exit 3. Another option is to get off skytrain (BTS) at Asok station. With this option you have to take exit 4 and walk for 5 minutes.

Admission: Free

Opening Hours: Everyday from 5:00 to 9:00 and 16.00-19.00

Have you ever been to Benjakitti Park? Or have you ever been to any public park in Bangkok? Share your experience with me in the comments!



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