Berlin in summer

Frankly, I did not intend to go to Berlin, but the flight flying from Vilnius back to Copenhagen was expensive. I could not find the cheap flight ticket, so I decided to take an overnight bus from Vilnius to Berlin, wander around in Berlin for 2 days, and take a bus back to Copenhagen. The cost of the bus tickets plus the hostel, foods and other stuffs was still a lot cheaper than the flight ticket.

I had heard from my friend that Berlin was a city of museum. There were many museums in this city. But, I was not that sure that I would enjoy visiting the museums.

I arrived Berlin in the morning. I then went to the hostel that I had booked first, left my stuffs there, and started seeing the city.

From Vilnius to Berlin, the time changed; Berlin was slower than Vilnius one hour. And, also the weather changed; Berlin was a lot warmer than Vilnius.

My first destination was Brandenburg Gate. While walking around the gate, I felt it was too warm (around 36 degree). Because of the weather, I decided to have a rest and a cup of coffee in Starbucks. In the shop, I met one student there. She told me that there was a free walking tour and she was waiting for it. Since I did not have any plan and I also did not know where to go next, I decided to join the tour.


During the free walking tour, I did not take many photos. I learned the history. Some parts of the Berlin Wall still remained in the city. Tourist could easily see it while walking in the city. The tour was great, but I did not enjoy much because of the weather. It was too hot to explore the city.

Berlin02 Berlin03 Berlin04

Well, during the walking tour, I had a chance to know an Australian guy. Usually I do not talk much with people I meet during the trips, but I had long conversations with this guy. I felt the similarity between me and him in some ways, and until these days, I still remember what we talked on that day.

The second day in Berlin, I did not do anything much. I just went to the West Berlin side to see the graffiti on the wall.

Berlin05 Berlin06 Berlin07 Berlin08

I like many graffiti on the wall. Well, I could not believe that some Thai people came here and wrote something on the wall. Sigh!!!


All in all, Berlin is one of the cities that I want to revisit. I do not like Berlin much, but I feel like I want to explore this city more.

Have you ever been to Berlin? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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