Best of times… a Thai romantic movie

Best of times is a Thai romantic drama movie that was released in 2009, and this movie got several international awards. The movie stars Arak Amornsupasiri, Yarinda Bunnag, Krissana Sreadthatamrong, and Sansanee Wattananukul.

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The story is about 2 couples. The first one is a young adult couple, Keng and his first love, Fai. Keng is a veterinarian who has never forgotten his first love even if she married and got divorced to his best friend, while Fai also cannot forget her first love or her ex-husband. And the second one is Uncle Jamras and Auntie Somphit, who fall in love late in life. Keng gets to know the older couple when he is a volunteer teacher teaching computer for senior people as part of a community service sentence, and while he tries to help this couple, he learns and tries to win Fai’s heart.

For me, Best of times is a thoughtful movie. Some parts of the movie are a bit slow and unrealistic, but the overall is good. The movie is about memory. While the first couple is the story about forget the first love, the second couple is the story about trying to remember their last love.

“Things we want to remember, we forget. Things we want to forget, we remember.”

Here is the official trailer with English subtitle. Enjoy watching!

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