Beware when using crosswalks in Bangkok

Crosswalk or pedestrian crossing is a place for pedestrians to cross a road. It is a place where the drivers would stop their vehicles when they see people are going to cross the streets. When I was young, I always taught that I have to cross the streets either at the crosswalk or over the footbridge.

Recently (10 days ago or so) a woman was hit by a truck while she was walking across the road on a crosswalk in Asok area, Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Business District. According to the news, the traffic light was showing in red which allows pedestrians to cross the street. This woman was just getting married around a week or so before the accident.

That area does not have any footbridge. I have heard that currently people who are working in that area carry the red flag with them; they wave the flag to tell the drivers that they want to cross the street.

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This is not the first case. Something like this happened before, and I do not know how many more cases will occur. This issue became talk of the town again. Now people are still talking about this on social network sites. We do not know what we should do to solve this issue.

I write this post in order to warn you guys. In some countries, crosswalk is a safe place for pedestrians (while living in Sweden, the car always stopped when I just only stepped closer to the crosswalk). But not in Thailand! Crossing the road in Bangkok or any parts in Thailand requires carefulness. Even when the red light is showing and people are about to cross, we always see that the driver still continue to drive. So, beware of vehicles at crosswalk!

The video below from Krungsri Auto and Traffic Police Initiative can show you better about this.

Have you ever been to Bangkok or Thailand? How was your experience using streets here? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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