Big Bangkok… See Bangkok (and other cities) in different perspectives

The day before, while watching a Thai TV program named ‘Kalamare’, I have heard the word ‘Big Bangkok’ for the first time and also have seen some beautiful photos that were taken in Bangkok. Those photos were different from the other photos taken in Bangkok that I had seen. It was from the different perspectives. It was like seeing Bangkok through the cute little dolls’ perspectives.

I then googled to find more detail about this project.  After browsing through the website, I realized that ‘Big Bangkok’ is the name of the book telling readers about historic and cultural places in Bangkok through little dolls’ perspectives. The little dolls that the author used in this project are called ‘train figure’. They were so cute, but I have never heard of this kind of doll before!

I really love his photos. Unfortunately the book and also the website were written in Thai, but I believe that only the photos can inspire you to travel Bangkok.

Here are examples of photos taken at tourist attractions in Bangkok.

BigBangkok01 BigBangkok02 BigBangkok03 BigBangkok04 BigBangkok05

All photos are from his website and Facebook Fanpage; you can see more photos there. It seems like there are more update photos in his Facebook Fanpage, and he is now taking this kind of photos not only in Bangkok, but around the world.



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