Bolzano… Take cable car up to the mountains

Bolzano or Bozen is a city in northern Italy that surrounded by mountains. Besides walking or cycling around the city, one of the ways to get to know Bolzano is taking cable car up to the mountains to get spectacular views of the city. In Bolzano there are 3 cable car routes: Renon, San Genesio and Colle.

On a Sunday afternoon, my friends and I took the cable car up to the mountains. We chose the first one, Renon, which the cable station is located near the train station (only 10 minutes walk). The cable car rides from Via Renòn (Rittnerstrasse) to Soprabolzano (Oberbozen); it is one of the longest cable cars in Europe. The trip takes around 12 minutes.

These are the fantastic views that I tried to capture from the cable car while riding up to the mountains. 

BolzanoCableCar01 BolzanoCableCar02

After getting off from the cable car, there are many trails that you can take. I just followed my friends. The views up there were also nice especially for lovers of nature.

BolzanoCableCar03 BolzanoCableCar04 BolzanoCableCar05

And what you cannot miss is the earth pyramids, a special natural formation of rock.

BolzanoCableCar06 BolzanoCableCar07

All in all, we had a nice Sunday afternoon. We spent around 4 hours there. If you plan to go up there, I recommend you to bring some food or snack and also drinking water with you.

Have you ever been to Bolzano? Have you taken the cable car up to the mountain? Do you like it there? Share your experiences with me in the comment!

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