Bolzano… The buildings are in pastel colors

Bolzano is a city located in northern Italy on the Austrian border. This city was an Austria before and it was transferred to Italy in 1919.

I had lived in Bolzano for 11 months. Living in this city I did not feel I lived in Italy. Some said Bolzano is neither Italy nor Austria, but Bolzano is Bolzano. The cost of living in Bolzano is higher than other cities in Italy and people there speak two languages: Italian and German. You will always see the signs in these two languages. Even the city name also has two languages; Bolzano is Italian name, while Bozen is German name. What I always wonder is which name came first ?!?

One day my friends and I made a day trip to Verona, and when we entered the Verona city gate, one of my friends said that…Yes! This is Italy. Finally we are in Italy. (At that time we had lived in Bolzano for a month or two.)

I think one of the reasons that make people (or at least me) feel like Bolzano is not Italy is the building color. If you travel to Bolzano and want to see red or orange buildings like buildings in other cities in Italy, you would be disappointed. Almost all buildings in Bolzano are in pastel colors. In this post I intend to share you the photos of the buildings on streets that I took while I lived there. Hope you enjoy!

BolzanoBuildings04 BolzanoBuildings05 BolzanoBuildings06 BolzanoBuildings07 BolzanoBuildings01 BolzanoBuildings02 BolzanoBuildings03

Have you ever been to Bolzano? Do you feel like you are not in Italy? Share your experiences with me in the comment!

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