BreadTalk… Delicious, but not Cheap

Thai people generally eat rice almost everyday and some people eat it three times a day as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, I myself love noodle and bread more. And, I often have a cup of coffee with bread in the morning. I buy bread from BreadTalk many times a week and buy cake from time to time.

BreadTalk, a Singapore bakery franchise, is my favorite bakery shop in Bangkok. It has several branches and sell not only bread, but also cake and drink. Usually we can see them in the shopping malls. The photos in this post were taken from Gateway Ekamai. Most branches have ‘see thru’ kitchens where we can see how the chefs prepare the breads. And, some branches have a few seats inside the stores for customers to sit and chill out.

The most popular BreadTalk menu is the ones with flossy pork. I myself like the ones with berries. My mother like the ones with white cream like Mount Fuji Swirl. Well, I have tried several menu and most of them are delicious for me.

I like BreadTalk because of its quality and taste. But, in terms of price, I would say both bread and cake here are not cheap. For bun, it is about 30 – 50 baht per piece. The price of one bun here is about to equal to two buns at other bakeries. The price of cake is about 120 baht for a little piece, almost 700 baht for one pound, and almost 900 baht for two pounds.

Japanese Cheesecake here is another popular menu. For me, it is expensive, but worth trying it. It is 265 baht for the big one, and 125 baht for the small one.

My trick to get Breadtalk buns in cheap is to buy them in the late evening. Since they want to sell daily fresh breads, so they will have promotions and try to sell as many as possible on that day. The promotion varies, so I usually ask the staff when I want to buy. Sometimes it is 3 pieces for 100 baht. Sometimes it is buy four pieces, get one for free.

If you are a bread lover, I highly recommend you to try this bakery shop while visiting Bangkok.

Update: December, 2018

Location: You can find BreadTalk at the shopping malls such as CentralWorld, Siam Paragon, Terminal 21, Gateway Ekamai, and so on.



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