Brighton Beach… visit colorful beach houses

Brighton beach is a beach near Melbourne CBD (Central Business District). What attracted me to go to Brighton Beach was not the beach, but the colorful houses along the beach.

It is very easy to go to Brighton Beach by public transport. If I do not remember wrong, you can go there by bus, tram, and train. And, I went there by train from Flinders Street Station. I made an appointment with my friends there and it took us only around 30 minutes or so to see the beach.

After getting off from the train, we had to walk for a while. Then, finally we saw the beach and the sea, but we did not see any colorful houses yet. We kept walking. Maybe because on that day it was still in winter and it was very windy, we did not see people there while walking along the beach. No windsurfing, no yachting, and no sunbathing. Just only me and my friends BrightonBeach01

The beach was not a nice sandy beach as I expected. It was full with pebbles or stones and it looked dirty. Anyway, finally I saw color houses from a distance. We kept walking in order to see the houses closely.


Wow… The little houses were so cute. For me, they were gorgeous backdrop for photos!!

 BrightonBeach04 BrightonBeach05BrightonBeach06

All in all, I do not like the beach itself, but I like the colorful houses. For me, it was not a nice beach to sit and relax, but it was a lovely location for photography. We took many photos with these little houses. Even if I do not like the beach, this is one of the places in Melbourne that I want to go back and see it again. And I want to go there in summer!

Have you ever been to Brighton Beach? Do you like it there? Share your experiences with me in the comments!

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