BTS – Rabbit Card or Day Pass for tourist?

BTS stands for The Bangkok Mass Transit System or known as Skytrain is a rapid transportation system running through major areas in Bangkok. If you are going to visit Bangkok and plan to use BTS as a main transportation mode, you might have questions about the ticket types. So, I write this post to give you an information about them. Hope it helps you making a decision when buying a ticket.

Currently (April, 2018) there are 3 BTS ticket types that you can buy (In the past, we had BTS tourist pass, but now it does not available anymore). All are available at BTS stations.

1. One-Day Pass

A one-day pass ticket costs 140 baht and is valid for unlimited rides on the date of issue. If you ask me “Is it worth buying it?”, I would say “It depends”.

Now the maximum fare for a trip is 59 baht. To make it worth it, you have to travel more than two trips a day with many stations in each trip.  You can plan and check the fare at its website before buying a ticket.

In my opinion, it is very less chance that you will pay BTS fare more than 140 baht per day. And, please note that the ticket can be used with BTS only. You cannot use it with MRT, bus, or boat.

2. Rabbit Card

The rabbit card costs 100 baht when issuing the ticket. Rabbit card has 3 types: Adult, Student, and Senior. The Senior card is for Thai only, while the student card you have to be eligible. So, I will talk about Adult Card only.

If you issue rabbit card, you have choice to “Add Stored Value” or “Add 30-Day Trips” or both. For Add Stored Value, this options will give you only 1 baht cheaper each trip comparing to Single Journey Ticket. For Add 30-Day Trips, you can choose the number of trips. It could be 15 trips/ 25 trips/ 40 trips/ 50 trips. The more number of trips, the less the fare per trip.

In my opinion, if you plan to be in Bangkok for more than a week, this rabbit card is a good choice. This type of ticket is suitable for people living in Bangkok. But if you are here for just 2 or 3 days, you might consider Single Journey Ticket.

3. Single Journey Ticket

This ticket costs you according to the chosen destination starting from 16 baht to 59 baht per trip. It is valid for a single journey and for travel on date of purchase only.

In my opinion, if you will be in Bangkok for few days, plan and check the fare at its website. This type of ticket might suit you best.


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