Café Amazon is good, but The Amazon’s Embrace is not

If you ask me for a nice coffee shop in Bangkok, Café Amazon would appear early in the list. Café Amazon is a Thai coffee shop chain that firstly is open in PTT gas stations. It rapidly became popular among locals. Many Thai people drive their cars into service stations not to fuel up, but to buy cups of coffee. Nowadays you can see Café Amazon in shopping mall such as Mega Bangna. For me, the taste is good and the price is reasonable. My favorite menu is iced mocha and iced chocolate.

The day before, I went to Siam Paragon. I found a coffee shop that I thought it was a Café Amazon, but it was not. I knew that it was not when I paid my money for the coffee. It was more expensive than I paid last time, and I got a smaller cup of coffee. I then realized that it was not Café Amazon, but it was The Amazon’s Embrace.


The Amazon’s Embrace is a Café Amazon’s brand extension. This brand is located in the luxury shopping malls. The coffee in this shop is more expensive, but the taste of coffee is the same. So, if you do not mind about the higher price, you can try the coffee at The Amazon’s Embrace. The price is higher about 20-40 baht/ cup of coffee, and you will get a smaller cup. For me, I think it is too expensive. Would I go back? Definitely No!

Have you ever been to Café Amazon or The Amazon’s Embrace? Did you enjoy coffee there? How was your experience? Share it with me in the comments!


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