Cannes… I walked on the red carpet

After spending 2 days in Marseille, we went to Nice and stayed overnight there. The plan on the next day was not to travel in Nice, but to travel in Cannes first. We also planned to visit St Marguerite Island, where “the man in the iron mask” was imprisoned, too.

We started the day in Cannes at the film festival hall, where everyone just walked on and took photos. I did the same! I walked on the red carpet; I was a movie star!!! …haha

Cannes01 Cannes02

Around there, outside the hall, you will see stars’ signatures and handprints.Cannes03

While we walked to the port, we saw several luxury yachts for sale! Umm… I wanted to have one! Cannes04

It did not take long to reach St Marguerite Island. I like the fortress area. If you are a nature lover, I think you would enjoy walking around the island. Well, I should have been there during summer.Cannes06 Cannes07 Cannes08Cannes09

We had lunch there. People in the restaurant did not speak English. So, I ordered the food. But I did not know what I ordered!


Then, we back to the town in the afternoon. After walking around, I would say I like Cannes more than Marseille. These two cities are not far from each other, but they gave me different feelings. I love the buildings in Cannes especially those with cool paintings. Cannes11 Cannes12 Cannes13

End of the day, we went to the beach and went back to Nice. Cannes14

Have you ever been to Cannes? Do you like this place? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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