Car Parking in shopping malls in Bangkok

Bangkok is well-known for traffic jams. Everyone knows about this. In Bangkok, it is normal to take more than an hour to go from one place to another place by car or by bus, even if traveling between those two places take only about 15 minutes (or less) by BTS sky train.

But, what is about parking in Bangkok?

Almost shopping malls and office buildings have car parking spaces for their customers. And, of course, it is not free and it might full. This photo was taken from a car parking space in a shopping mall in Siam Square area on a working day.


Finding space for a car in shopping malls TAKES TIME. From my experience, I have ever spent more than 20 minutes in the car park in order to find a space for the car.

So if you are going to visit Thailand and want to rent a car to travel around, please bear in mind. It is convenient to travel by car from Bangkok to other provinces nearby, but it is not a good choice to wander around Bangkok by car. Using the car to go to shopping places in Bangkok has much chance to waste your time on the road and also on the parking spaces.

Sky train (BTS), subway (MRT), together with boat (Chao Phraya Express Boat) is the best public transportation choice for getting around Bangkok. If the places that you want to go are accessible by these transportation types, please avoid using car to save your time.

Have you ever had experience finding a space for your car in a car parking space in a shopping mall in Bangkok? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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