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Photo Story: Before Sunset

Photo Name: Before Sunset When: September, 2009 Where: Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand Story behind: This photo was taken before sunset at the scenic point at Pha Taem National Park. It is a place where we can see the first sunrise and sunset in Thailand. I did not captured this photo by chance, but my friends and I were

Photo Story: When Spring Comes

Photo Name: When Spring Comes When: April, 2013 Where: Karlskrona, Sweden  Story behind: This photo was taken when I was on a bus running from home to the city center. At that time snow had just gone from the city, the green grass was coming back, and I started seeing the yellow flower on the ground. Like someone

Photo Story: The sea is coming back

Photo Name: The sea is coming back When: April, 2013 Where: Karlskrona, Sweden  Story behind: In Karlskrona, the city is surrounded by the sea. You can see the sea almost everywhere in the city. And in winter, the sea became frozen sea as far as I could see. At first I was very excited because I had never

Photo Story: Relaxing area

Photo Name: Relaxing Area When: January, 2015 Where: Bangkok, Thailand Story behind: The number of shopping mall in Bangkok is increasing. Every year we will have new shopping malls opening in town. Sometimes, I think we have too many shopping places in town. But, when I go there, I always see many people walking in the mall and

Photo Story: Everything has its own history

Photo Name: Everything has its own history When: April, 2015 Where: Bangkok, Thailand  Story behind: This photo is not taken at the real gold shop in Bangkok. I took this photo in Yaowarat Chinatown Heritage Center, a museum about the history of Yaowarat or Bangkok’s Chinatown. I am a Thai of Chinese descent, so Chinatown in Bangkok is

Photo Story: When I got lost

Photo Name: When I got lost When: June, 2012 Where: Genoa, Italy Story behind: I am not good at directions and reading maps, so getting lost is always a part of my traveling. Well, actually it is a big part! I still remember the days that I was afraid to travel alone because I was afraid to get

Photo Story: A unique city

Photo Name: A Unique City When: July, 2012 Where: Venice, Italy Story behind: I do not know when and how Venice has become the city that I want to visit. I guess it is because of the romantic movies and the novels set in Venice. And also the beautiful photos of the boats in the canals. Venice is

Photo Story: The strange Christmas tree

Photo Name: The strange Christmas tree When: January, 2015 Where: Bangkok, Thailand  Story behind: There are hundreds of Christmas trees in Bangkok, and this one is really strange for me. It is the Christmas tree in front of Siam Discovery, a shopping mall in Pathumwan District. I have never seen a TV Christmas tree before. If they put

Photo Story: My favorite Christmas tree

Photo Name: My favorite Christmas tree When: January, 2015 Where: Bangkok, Thailand  Story behind: During December and January, it is normal to see hundreds of Christmas trees in front of the shopping malls and also office buildings in Bangkok. Some of them are very big, and you can see them from the distance. I came across this Christmas

Photo Story: House of the Blackheads

Photo Name: House of the Blackheads When: July, 2013 Where: Riga, Latvia  Story behind: When I travel to a city, I usually walk around the old town of the city, and automatically walk pass its town square or open public space located in the center of the town. Sometimes there were events such as markets and concerts. My