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Photo Story: Love Lock

Photo Name: Love Lock When: April, 2013 Where: Karlskrona, Sweden  Story behind: Have you ever seen love lock? Couples wrote their names on the locks, attach them to the tree or the fence, and toss their keys to symbolize unbreakable love. I first saw the love lock at N Seoul Tower in South Korea. I then saw

Photo Story: Toilet

Photo Name: Toilet When: January, 2010 Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand  Story behind: This photo was taken during my second trekking in Doi Mon Jong, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The tent you see in the photo was not just a normal tent, it was a toilet. As you might expect, at the summit there were no facilities such as

Photo Story: Temple

Photo Name: Temple When: April, 2012 Where: Bolzano, Italy  Story behind: I am a Buddhist and temple is a place of worship. During my stay in Italy, it was not that easy to go to temple, because most of the temples were not in the city center. I had a chance to visit a Thai temple in

Photo Story: Ting Tong

Photo Name: Ting Tong When: November, 2007 Where: Pai, MaeHongSon, Thailand Story behind: Do you know what Ting Tong means? It means “crazy” or “mad” in Thai. I found this mirror while wandering on a street in Pai, a small town in MaeHongSon Province, northern Thailand. It is a name of an open air bar. I did not

Photo Story: Water Closet

Photo Name: Water Closet When: September, 2011 Where: Milan, Italy Story behind: This photo was taken in Italy train that I took from Milano Malpensa airport to Milano Centrale railway station. It was my first arrival to Italy and also to Europe. I was curious what WC was and what WC stood for. I saw people went in

Photo Story: Wall Art

Photo Name: Wall Art When: December, 2011 Where: Cannes, France Story behind: Cannes was one of the cities in Europe that was nice to walk around. I am sure that you would definitely come across several wall art while wandering. I did love the city’s wall art. I stumbled upon and took this photo while walking on the

Photo Story: Fake Window

Photo Name: Fake Window When: June, 2012 Where: Siena, Italy Story behind: While wandering in Siena, I walked pass these windows. Oops…No, I walked pass this window. There was only one window (the right one); the other was the painting one which was very similar to the real one. And, I did not see something like this in

Photo Story: what i missed the most

Photo Name: What I missed the most When: April, 2012 Where: Bolzano, Italy Story behind: What do you miss the most when you are abroad? For me, Even if I enjoyed life abroad, I did miss family and friends, but what I missed the most was Thai foods! I wanted to see my family and friends, and talked

Photo Story: Short Train

Photo Name: Short Train When: June, 2012 Where: Siena, Italy Story behind: How do you travel in Italy? For me, of course, by train. I lived in Bolzano, a city in northern Italy for almost one year. During my stay, I mostly traveled in Italy by train. The first trip was a day trip to Verona. Then,

Photo Story: Try a new thing

Photo Name: Try a new thing When: March, 2012 Where: Bolzano, Italy Story behind: It is fun to do something new, isn’t it? After studying in Italy for one semester, my life settled down into a routine. Before getting bored, I decided to try something new. At that time I wanted to do something that I had