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The Meeting of Alpini in Bolzano

During the first year of my master degree in Bolzano, I had a chance to see Alpini people celebrating because that year (2012) Bolzano was a host of the 85th meeting of Alpini. The event was held over the weekend. On Friday, I started seeing tents, camper vans, portable toilets, and of course, thousands of

A bike trip to waterfall in Vilpiano

This was my second bike trip in Italy. The first one was to go to Lake Caldaro; this time we went to the waterfall in Village Vilpiano, A quiet village near Bolzano. Same as the first trip, we rent the bike in the city center of Bolzano. My friends planned everything and I just followed

Bolzano… Visit Ötzi, the iceman

Every year in Bolzano there will be an event named “Museum Night”. It is a special night that we can enter all museums in Bolzano for free. There are 7 museums in Bolzano: Museion, Museo della Scuola, Museo Civico, Museo Archeologico dell’Alto Adige, Museo Mercantile, Museo di Scienze Naturali dell’Alto Adige, and Castel Roncolo. Six

Christmas in Bolzano

I arrived Bolzano in late of September. After arriving for two months, it was a Christmas time. It was my first Christmas outside Thailand and I wanted to know that how was the Christmas celebrated in Europe. As you may know, Christmas is not a holiday season in Thailand; it is just another working day,

Rimini… The forest of parasols

From Ravenna, instead of going directly to San Marino, I stopped and stayed overnight in Rimini because I thought finding a cheap hostel in San Marino would be more difficult than in Rimini and I wanted to see the Italian beach once. Anyway, I did not plan to spend much time in Rimini. I arrived

Siena… A medieval city in Tuscany

From Pisa, instead of going directly to Florence, the tourist destination, I stopped at Siena. For me, Siena is less famous than Florence and Pisa, but I had heard that this city was also worth visiting. I took this train from Pisa to Siena. It was the shortest train I had seen in Italy. At