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Ravenna… a city of mosaics

Have you ever heard the city called Ravenna? I am not surprised if your answer is no. I also had not known this city before. But, one day while I was searching information to plan a summer trip in Italy, I stumbled upon to a website inspiring me to visit Ravenna, the city in northeastern Italy. Unfortunately, I cannot find the site

Merano… My first ice skating experience

Merano is a city in northern Italy. Same as Bolzano, it is surrounded by mountains. I went to Merano with 2 friends: Luis and Mita. I could not remember why we decided to visit Merano. We’ve been there during Christmas, so the city was festively decorated and Santa Claus was everywhere… We walked around the

Verona… a city of Romeo and Juliet

After living in Bolzano for a month, I started to explore Italy. It was a day trip with 4 friends to Verona. We knew each other because we studied in the same university and stayed in the same dormitory. Verona is a city in northern Italy. The city is divided by Adige River. From the

Lake Como… Just an hour from Milan

Lake Como is the third largest lake which is located in northern Italy. There are beautiful villas around the lake, so unsurprisingly it is one of the tourist attraction places in Italy. During my summer trip in Italy, I decided to make a day trip visiting the lake and 2 villas around. Villa Varenna It took me only

Florence…Where I lost my wallet

On June 2012, I travelled around Italy. The trip started from Bolzano, the city I lived in for 11 months, to Milan, Lake Como, Geneva, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Siena, and Florence. This trip was special because it was the first time that I was a solo traveler. I was both excited and nervous at the

Pisa… I want to make mistakes

Many tourists go to Pisa just to pose for photographs pretending to hold the leaning tower up and prevent it from falling, so this city is recommended to skip if you have a time limit. Well, I was not in that case because I was in Italy for 11 months. I had plenty of time,

Venice…I forgot to make a wish

Living in Italy for 11 months, Venice (or Venezia in Italian) is one of the cities that I visited twice. First time is October 2011 and second time is July 2012. Like other tourists, before I went there, I had watched several movies and read many novels set in Venice. Venice at first sight, after getting

Bolzano…A small city I lived in

I was lucky; I got Erasmus Mundus scholarship. With this scholarship, I had a chance to get to know the small city that named Bolzano that I did not even know it exists in the world. This city is located in the north of Italy and surrounded by mountains. I was able to see mountains