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A day trip to Karlshamn

As I told you in this post that my university in Sweden had three campuses: Karlskrona, Karlshamn, and Ronneby. I studied and lived in Karlskrona, and I could take a train from Karlskrona to the other two cities for free. Ronneby is a perfect choice when I wanted to escape from Karlskrona because it was

A sunny day in Växjö

Växjö is a city in southern Sweden. While living in Karlskrona, I have been to this city twice because this city is a place of Migration Board Permit Unit nearest me. The first time I went there was to apply for the resident permit and the second time was to extend it. From Karlskrona, there was

Karlskrona… in full bloom

When I started seeing these yellow flowers in the town, I then realized that finally spring arrived in Karlskrona. After snowing for 6 months, it was so good to see the city in color and sunshine.  Then, people started going outside and having picnic in the parks. The temperature was rising, but it was still

A foggy day in Ronneby

Does anyone like living in a misty town? My friend liked it. She said that it was beautiful. But, I did not like it at all. In Karlskrona (the city I lived), during late fall or early winter the weather was so strange for me. The town was full with fog and I did not

Snow days in Karlskrona

I arrived Karlskrona in August 2012 and lived there for a year. At the time, summer had just gone. I did not enjoy the fall much. I did love the beautiful color leaves, but it was very windy (Karlskrona is surrounded by the sea). And of course, it was so cold. I knew that I

A day trip to Kalmar

Even if I lived in Sweden for a year, I didn’t travel much in Sweden. I’ve never been to tourist cities like Malmö or Gothenburg. For me the cities in Sweden are similar… not that different, but the cities themselves are completely different in each season. So, I preferred seeing the changes in the city

Karlskrona…I saw the seasons changed

As you may know, Thailand has a tropical climate with three seasons: rainy, hot, and cool. I, who live in the central of Thailand, don’t see the difference of each season much. Everything around me such as trees, flowers, houses and buildings looks the same all year long. I was so glad when I knew