Cha Payom – The best Thai milk tea in Bangkok

Today I am going to recommend you a place to try Thai milk tea. For me, it is a must-try drink when visiting Thailand.

Thai milk tea is a well-known drink made from black tea, milk, and sugar (or evaporated milk). There are three options to choose: hot tea, iced tea, and frappe. The most popular one is the iced version. You can easily find Thai milk tea in coffee cafes or coffee stalls in Bangkok and also other provinces in Thailand. Well, the tastes are different. Some are good, while some are not so good.

The brand that I highly recommend you to try is Cha Payom. I first saw Cha Payom somewhere, not in Bangkok. It was Ayutthaya, if I am not wrong. Then, started seeing more and more stalls in Bangkok. From its website, currently Cha Payom has 1,500 stalls in Thailand.

Cha Payom offers different types of tea. For the price, Most menus start from 25 baht for a cup of tea. The menus that have lemon juice as an ingredient starts from 30 baht. Comparing to other coffee/ tea stalls in Bangkok, Cha Payom is relatively cheap.

For the taste, it is really really delicious. It is even better than the brands that are more expensive. Well, I usually order the tea with less sugar (actually less evaporated milk) and they are able to do so.

So, just keep an eye on its logo  when you are in Bangkok or in other places in Thailand. And do try it when you can.

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