Cheap food at Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok Airport)

We all know that airport food is expensive. Suvarnabhumi Airport or Bangkok Airport is not an exception. This blog post aims to recommend you the hidden food court named Magic Food Point, where you can have cheap food at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Magic Food Point is located at the first floor of the airport, near gate 8. It is the floor that you can get public taxi. It is not difficult to find. Just go down to level 1 and walk to the end wall.

This food court opens 24 hours a day.


You are not allowed to bring trolley inside the food court.


The food court was not that big. When I was there, it was crowded. Well, there were still some seats left.


When stepping inside, coupon counter was on my left-hand side. You have to buy the coupon first and use the coupon to buy food at the food court.


There are several food stalls available for you. Below are the photos of the food stalls there. Hope it gives you an idea what is sold in this food court.

Suvarnabhumi10 Suvarnabhumi11 Suvarnabhumi12 Suvarnabhumi13 Suvarnabhumi14 Suvarnabhumi15 Suvarnabhumi16 Suvarnabhumi18 Suvarnabhumi19 Suvarnabhumi20

There were also stalls selling desserts, fruits, and beverages.

Suvarnabhumi21 Suvarnabhumi22 Suvarnabhumi23

If you look carefully at the photos, you will see that the prices are about the same as the prices at food court outside the airport. You can find noodle in only 40-60 baht for a dish. You can find drinking water in 10 baht for a bottle. If you are a budget traveler, don’t miss this place!


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