Cheap Street Shopping in Bangkok

Many visitors visit Bangkok for shopping. As you may know, this city is one of the shopping paradises in Asia. You can buy both well-known brands and local brands here. This blog post aims to share cheap street shopping in Bangkok. If you are looking for cheap stuff, do not miss these markets.

1. Pratunam Area

Pratunam is one of the most popular shopping areas in Bangkok. It is famous for cheap clothing and trendy accessories. Pratunam Market and The Platinum Fashion Mall are the places that you should visit. The first one is an outdoor market, while the second one is an indoor market. These 2 places are located opposite to each other. Both places offer wholesale pricing. So, if you want to buy products in order to resell them, try this market.

2. Sampeng Market

Sampeng Market is a narrow, but very long alley located in Yaowarat (China Town) area. At this market, you can expect to buy accessories, cosmetics, fashion bags, fashion shoes, stationeries, gifts, souvenirs, and so on. 

3. Riverside Markets (Klong San Market, Wang Lang Market)

The markets on the river bank are also interesting because they are located near sightseeing spots. Klong San Market and Wang Lang Market are the popular ones. Both are markets that you will see many locals. Also, these two markets offer delicious street food. So, they are great places not only for shopping but also for eating. 

4. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak is the biggest outdoor market in Bangkok and also in Thailand. The market is so big that you need a map while wandering in the market. You can expect to buy almost everything here. This market is a weekend market. Some parts of the market are open on weekdays, but very few. My recommendation is to go there on weekends only.

5. Victory Monument Area

Victory Monument is one of the busiest transportation hubs in Bangkok. Locals exchange vehicles or transportation modes here, so the area is crowded all the time. The place is a good choice for budget shopping. Besides, there are street food stalls to explore.

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