Chiangkan… a small charming town along Khong River

Chiangkan is a district in Loei province, northeast of Thailand. This district shares a border with Laos. It became a popular destination for Thais very fast after celebrating its centennial. The rows of old wooden houses along Khong River are signature of Chiangkan. The best time to go there is winter season which starts from November to January.


To go there, we took a bus from MoChit 2 bus terminal. The bus departed Bangkok at night, and it arrived Chiangkan in the morning. 


Chiangkan has changed over a few years. When I was there, local people protected their business against 7-Eleven convenience stores. But, finally this store came to the town. During weekends this town was full of people. I have put together a list of things you can do in Chiangkan, a charming old town. If you plan to visit this little town, I recommend you to go during weekdays.


Stay in a homestay-style accommodation We rent a room for 2 nights. Our accommodation was not an original wooden house. It was renovated by the owners. I booked the accommodation in advance, but actually it was not necessary. Maybe because it was not a weekend, so many houses were available.

Chiangkan03 Chiangkan04

Walk along Khong River During the days was too warm to walk for us. We walked and enjoyed the enchanted scenery in the morning and in the evening.


Ride a bicycle Chiangkan is a little town. Things are in a walking distance (no more than half an hour), but some people prefer to ride bicycles. The bicycles can be borrowed or rent many places. Some house owners offered bicycles for free.

Offer food to monks In Thailand, as we are Buddhist, we usually offer food to monks in the morning. However, in Chiangkan thing is a little bit different. Instead of stream rice, people offer sticky rice. This is an activity that visitors can enjoy.


Send postcards to your love ones There are many shops selling postcards. Choose the shop you like, order a cup of coffee, and enjoy writing postcards to your love ones.

Chiangkan07 Chiangkan08

Eat local foods This was my favorite thing to do in Chiangkan; I really enjoyed eating there. The local foods were very tasty.

Kai Krata was my favorite breakfast there. Kai Krata is fried eggs in a pan serving with several toppings such as minced pork and sausage. I tried this dish in few local shops and I found out that Kai Krata at Suwanrama was the best. Suwanrama originally was a cinema. So, if you visit this shop, you will see tickets, movie posters, and films that were used in the past.




Besides, Patongko or Chinese doughnut (deep fried dumpling) was different from Patongko in Bangkok. The shops stuffed meat and something into Patongko before deeping fry it. It was very delicious.


We enjoyed trying the foods there which are a little bit spicier than the foods in Bangkok very much.

Chiangkan12 Chiangkan10

Take a minibus A Two-row seated bus will lead you to several places near Chiangkan.

Chiangkan14 Chiangkan15 Chiangkan16

All in all, I had nice holidays there. It was a great place to getaway from the bustle of life. If you want to escape from Bangkok, you might consider this little town.

Have you ever been to Chiangkan? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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