Chongqing South Road… a street of bookstores

I had heard that some streets in Taipei had their own themes; many shops on the same street sold the same kinds of products which was convenient for the shoppers. I had heard that they had the camera street, the audio equipment street, the shoe & sock street, and so on.

The street that interested me most was Chongqing South Road Street which was the street of bookstores. I wanted to see bookstores in Taipei, so I decided to find this street and walk around when I visited Taipei in December 2010.


Yes, there were many bookstores on this street, but not as many as I had expected. I realized later that many independent bookstores were already out of business because of the opening of big bookstores and also the economy.

Since it was in December, most of the stores decorated their shops beautifully. The books were mostly in Chinese, but I still found many English language books.


You can read this post in order to get to know more the history of this street before deciding to visit it.

How to get there: Chongqing South Road, Sec 1. Near Taipei Main Station

Have you ever been to Taiwan? Have you visited Chongqing South Road? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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