Christmas and New Year 2015 in Bangkok

December is a winter season in Bangkok. Now winter is here! Well, as a tropical country, our winter is about 25 degree. So, it is a good time to have a walk in Bangkok because it is not too warm and also not too cold. Besides, the streets are also decorated beautifully for Christmas and New Year festivals.

Even if Christmas is not a public holiday in Thailand and majority of people here is Buddhist, the decoration on streets in Bangkok is not to be defeated by anyone.

If you visit Bangkok in December, I do recommend you to add ‘see street lights’ as one of the things to do. In front of many office buildings or other shopping malls are decorated nicely. Almost everywhere is full with lights, but the popular area would be at Rachaprasong area.

The night before, my friend and I went to that area. We started walking and taking photos from Central Embassy ( near Ploenchit BTS station). On that night, there were not so many people in front of the mall. I love the little white houses that were put on the steps in front of the mall.


Then, we walked to Central Chidlom. Still, no so many people were there.


Then, we walked to Intercontinental Hotel. There we started seeing people taking photos in front of the hotel.

NewYear201503 NewYear201504

Then, the next spot is in front of Amarin shoping mall.


Then, we walked on the Rachaprasong skywalk. This area was very crowded because people stopped to take photos along the way. If you want a nice photo, you have to stand on the predefined area.

NewYear201506 NewYear201507 NewYear201508

If you look down from the skywalk, you will see that Thao Mahaprom Shrine or Erawan Shrine was decorated with yellow light.


Then, we were getting closer to Central World, the most crowded spot in this area. As always, the biggest Christmas tree in town was located in front of the mall.



And, this year there were countless of snoopy around.

NewYear201511 NewYear201512

Next spot is in front of Paragon shopping mall. We were welcomed by the big Christmas tree that kept changing the color. Even if it was not the biggest Christmas tree, I liked this one more.

NewYear201514 NewYear201513


Then, we crossed the footbridge to Siam Square One. This side was less people.


We walked into Siam Square and ended our walking trip there.


Have you ever walked around Rachaprasong area in December? Do you like the Christmas lights in Bangkok? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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