Christmas in Bolzano

I arrived Bolzano in late of September. After arriving for two months, it was a Christmas time. It was my first Christmas outside Thailand and I wanted to know that how was the Christmas celebrated in Europe. As you may know, Christmas is not a holiday season in Thailand; it is just another working day, but we do have beautiful decorations on the streets especially in business areas.

In Bolzano, I started seeing the Christmas lights and decorations on streets in late of November.

 ChristmasInBolzano01 ChristmasInBolzano02

I saw a building decorated with the number in each window. I walked pass this building almost every day because it was located in the city center and was near my dormitory, but I did not know the reason why they did like that. Until one day I talked to my Romanian friend and she told me that it was the Advent Calendar. It was the first time I had heard about this kind of calendar. This building (calendar) with 24 windows was used to count from the first of December to 24th of December. One window was opened every day, and then all windows were opened on 24th of December. I was sure that this one was the biggest Advent Calendar in town.


What made me excited was the Christmas market in Bolzano’s Piazza Walter (the city’s main square). The square was filled with wooden stands selling traditional gifts and handicrafts. I loved the Christmas atmosphere in Bolzano so much; it was like I was in the fairy tale world. I realized later that the Bolzano Christmas Market is the biggest Christmas market in Italy, and its draws many visitors from the cities nearby every year.

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If you plan to visit Bolzano Christmas Market, I do recommend you to try a cup of hot mulled wine which is the traditional drink.

Have you ever been to Bolzano? Have you ever visited the Bolzano Christmas Market? Do you like it there? Share your experiences with me in the comment!

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