Cinemas in Bangkok – English subtitle and original soundtrack

There are many cinemas all over Bangkok. Most of them are located at the top floor of the shopping malls, and operated by Major Cineplex and SF Cinema. The smaller chain is Apex Group which has only 2 cinemas in Siam Square area: Scala and Lido.

If you want to watch a movie in Bangkok but you do not know Thai, no worry about this.


For Thai movies, nowadays most of Thai movies in cinemas in Bangkok have English subtitles available.

For Hollywood movies, there are 2 options. The first option is watching a movie with the original soundtrack and Thai subtitles, and the second option is watching a movie with a Thai dub. So, in order to avoid any mistakes, I recommend you to ask the officer at the box office before booking the ticket.

In Bangkok, the first option is easy to find because there are many people want to watch movies with the original soundtrack. But, this option is quite difficult to find outside Bangkok area.

For Asian movies,  there are 2 options for Asian movies such as Korean, Japanese, Hong Kong, and Chinese. The first option is watching a movie with the original soundtrack and English and Thai subtitles. The second option is watching with a Thai dub.

Here is a little tips from me for watching movies in cinemas in Bangkok. 1) Bring sweater because in the cinemas it is always cold. 2) Stand up for the Royal Anthem which precedes the show.

Have you ever watched movie in cinemas in Bangkok? How was your experience? Share it with me in the comment?


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