Cinque Terre… five villages along the coastline

Have you ever heard about the train strikes in Italy? Have you ever experienced them?

I traveled to Cinque Terre by train from Genova in June 2012. On that day there was a train strike, so I stuck in Genova for 6 hours!

I think this is the experience that you do not want it happen during your trip. But what if it happens while you are travelling in Italy?

After the trip I tried to find information about this because I did not want to waste my time again and I found that most of the strikes are scheduled and announced in advance.

Yes, it is announced ahead of time.

It is weird for me, but it is true.

Well… I could not find an official website informing this information in English, but if you google, you will find some website providing the anticipated strike schedule.

The strike made me a little bit nervous in the beginning and then I was really bored waiting for the train! So, to make your trip smooth, I recommend you to check the strike schedule before arriving Italy.

Anyway, finally I arrived Riomaggiore. Oh wait, I should have explained you first. Cinque Terre literally means five lands or five villages which are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso.

I booked a hostel in Riomaggiore. Since I arrived very late, on that day I only walked around this village and started exploring the rest 4 villages on the next day. I tried to find the best scenic point and took photos.

 CinqueTerre01-Riomaggiore CinqueTerre02-Riomaggiore CinqueTerre03-Riomaggiore

On the next day, I started walking to the next village which was Manarola. The trail was easy to walk. This trail is called Via Dell’Amore or Love Walk.

 CinqueTerre04 CinqueTerre05 CinqueTerre06

I love the view of Manarola village more than Riomaggiore Village. Anyway, both two villages looked nice from a far, but looked dirty when coming closer.


I could not walk to the next village, Corniglia, because the trail was closed due to the flood in October 2011.


So, I took a train to the next village. After getting off from the train, I had to climb 368 steps! 

I was very tired because I did not prepare for this kind of walking!!! Then, I saw the Corniglia Village, but I did not walk into the village. I decided to walk to the next village, Vernazza.


Along the way I tried to have a nice photo with Corniglia Village in the background.


The trail was getting worse and difficult to walk.


But the view was awesome.


After walking for an hour to two, I finally saw the buildings and entered Vernazza Village.


I like the view of this village most.


At this village I saw photos which were taken during the flood. Too bad…the village must be more beautiful before the flood!


One tourist told me that the trail to Monterosso was more difficult than the one that I just walked pass, so instead of walking to the final village, Monterosso, I took a train again. This village was the most crowded one because of a beach that people can enjoy.


Have you ever been to Cinque Terre? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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