CoCoICHIBANYA… Japanese-style curry restaurant

Today I will recommend you a Japanese-style curry restaurant that you could easily see it in the malls in Bangkok. It is CoCoICHIBANYA restaurant. You might have heard the name of this restaurant before because CoCoICHIBANYA has branches in many countries around the world such as Hongkong, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and United States. When you are in front of the restaurant, you will see the rice and several types of curry. If you love curry, this is your place.

This is the photos that I took from the branch that I ate.


This is the photos that I took from the branch that I walked pass.CoCo02

I liked the atmosphere in the restaurant and I liked that we could create our own curry! This is a great idea because you can create the one that suits your taste.


There were 4 steps to order the food. First step is to select the desired amount of rice. The choices are 150g, 250g, 350g, 450g, and 550g. Then, you select the desired curry and amount of curry which could be either 100g or 200g. Third step is to select the desired spicy level. You can adjust it from mild to crazy hot. And finally select the toppings that you want.

The menu was provided in 3 languages: Thai, English, and Japanese (I guess), so you don’t have to worry about how to order.


I ordered Fried Chicken Curry (150 Baht) and my friend ordered Creamed Mushroom Omelet Curry (170 Baht) which were the recommended dish. I recommend you to eat together with the pickled vegetable that is provided on the table.


I have never been to Japan. I have never try Japanese-style curry in Japan. So, I could not say that it is “authentic”, but I could say that it was delicious! The service was also good. If you visit Bangkok and want to try Japanese-style curry, I recommend this restaurant.

Have you ever been to CoCoICHIBANYA? Or have you ever tried Japanese-style curry? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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