Copenhagen… 3 hours in the city center

From Berlin, instead of taking a bus directly to Sweden, I took a bus to Copenhagen. My plan was to have a walk in the city center of Copenhagen and then take a train from Copenhagen back to Karlskrona, Sweden (the city I lived).

I a little bit doubted when I booked a bus ticket from Berlin to Copenhagen because Copenhagen is located on an island and I did not see any road connecting between these two cities. I guessed that I needed to transfer from bus to ferry somewhere and then transfer from ferry back to the bus again. But I was wrong; the bus boarded the ferry with its passengers. That’s so good, because I did not have to move my stuffs. But how could I completely forget about it? I had seen the bus boarding the ferry several times in many places.


I got off from the bus, went up on the deck, and found a comfy spot to sit and relax. While I was on the ferry, I got a walking map of Copenhagen. It was a good one, so I decided to follow this map.

After getting off from the bus, I walked to the train station, and checked the train schedule for going back to Karlskrona. It seemed like I had 3-4 hours to explore Copenhagen. So, I rent a locker at the train station, put all my stuffs there and started wandering around.

For me, the buildings in Copenhagen looked similar to buildings in Sweden.

 Copenhagen03 Copenhagen02

Well, after walking for a while, finally I saw the canal and the beautiful buildings behind it. I immediately knew that it was Nyhavn, one of the Copenhagen attractions. Since I was there during summer, the area around was quite bustle. I really loved the views there and enjoyed walking around.

 Copenhagen04 Copenhagen05 Copenhagen06

One more thing that I wanted to see was, as you can guess, the sculpture of the Little Mermaid. I had to walk, walk, and walk in order to see it. The sculpture was a little bit far from the city center.

 Copenhagen07 Copenhagen08

Well, many people were there in order to have photos with the sculpture. I, by chance, caught the photo of one lady acting as a mermaid. How creative was she? Nice!

 Copenhagen09 Copenhagen10

All in all, I quite like the city and want to spend more time there. For me, it is a great destination for summer holidays.

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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