Daiso shop… you can buy products from Japan in Bangkok

Daiso is a Japanese franchise shop which has many stores around the world. Few years ago I started seeing the shops in Bangkok. Currently there are more than 40 shops in Bangkok, and more than 20 shops in other provinces in Thailand.

Majority of the products in Daiso are sold at 60 baht and are imported from Japan. You can find several kinds of products in Daiso such as cooking supplies, beauty products, fashioned accessories, cleaning equipment, lunch boxes, stationary, gardening tools, products for pet, electronic product, and so on.

In terms of quality, I would say some products are good, while others are not so good.Daiso01

It is fun shopping at Daiso because it is about thinking and selecting. I have never made a shopping list before going to the shop, and I always spend almost more than an hour in the shop. First, I have to think about the quality of the products. Then, I have to think whether 60 baht is overrated. From my experience, some products are cheap, while others are not.

Well, I always end up buying several products. If you are going to visit Daiso shop, I would like to warn you that several 60 bath items could turn to be a thousand baht!

Update: December, 2014

Location/ How to get there: You can see the shops and their locations at this linkSome shops are bigger than the others and sell more products, so I do recommend you to go to the big one such as Future Park Rangsit Park branch, or Central Chengwattana branch.

Website: http://www.daisothailand.com/ or http://www.daisoeshop.com/ (Currently the website is only in Thai language)

Have you ever been to Daiso Shop? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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