Dental treatment in Thailand is cheap and good

In some countries, dental treatment is very expensive. For example, when I lived in Sweden, my German friend told me that she had to fly back to Germany to meet the dentist. She told me that dental care in Sweden is too expensive for her. Another case is my Chinese friend who also did the same. She flew back to China to meet the dentist. She told me that the dental care plus the flight fare across continent is still cheaper than the dental care in Sweden.

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I have heard that dental treatment in Thailand is cheaper than in many countries and some of the tourists also visit dentist while traveling in Thailand. Thai people also usually have a dental check-up before going abroad.

Let’s talk about the quality. Most of the dentists in Thailand speak perfect English and provide standard service, but it is really hard to say which dentist is the best in Thailand.

If you want to visit dentist in Thailand and it is your first time to do so, my recommend is to check the price first. Some dental clinics are more expensive than the others.

If you are going to visit dentist in Bangkok, there are many dentists in town. You can try checking the price at the top hospitals first such as Bumrungrad Hospital Dental Clinic, Phaya Thai Hospital 2, BNH Dental Centre, and so on.

Hope information helps.


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