Destiny Diary… a Thai short film to promote Uthaithani Province

Destiny Diary is a Thai romantic short film that intends to promote Uthaithani, a province in central Thailand, around 200 kilometers north of Bangkok. The film stars Yuri Konno, Thana Eiumniyom, Seki Oseki, and Thitirat Rojsangrat.

Destiny Diary is about a Japanese columnist woman who comes to Thailand to work on her column and lose her memory due to the accident. She tries to recover her memory by using her diary that is full with poor handwriting and her drawings. With the help of a Thai guy, she returns to the places that she drew.


Honestly, I am a Thai and before watching movie, I had never wanted to visit Uthaithani even once. This province is not popular. Well, at least for me. It was just a province in Thailand that I did not know any attraction places in the province. This short film did a great job to promote Uthaithani. After watching it, I want to go there at least once. In the film, the temple is beautiful and I love the charming rows of wooden houses and natural places.

The short film is so romantic and so cute. It does not only make me know Uthaithani more, but while watching I also want to know the ending. I want to know whether the Japanese columnist could bring her memory back and how. Actually the film gives some clues, but I did not notice it. Sigh!

In the film, the Japanese woman speaks Japanese and English, while the Thai man speaks Thai and English. So, without subtitle, I could not understand the whole movie. Currently I can find the film with Thai subtitle, but cannot find the one with English subtitle. I believe that the one with English subtitle will be available soon. If you can find it, I recommend you to watch it.

Here is the full movie with Thai subtitle. If you know Thai, Enjoy watching!

Have you ever watch Destiny Diary? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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