Destiny Memory… another Thai short film to promote Uthaithani Province

Last month I have recommended you a short film named Destiny Diary that is made to promote Uthaithani, a province in central Thailand. Now I am going to recommend you another film, Destiny Memory, which is made to promote Uthaithani too.

Destiny Memory is about a Japanese young woman named Arisa who comes to Thailand to work. It is her first international project. Arisa is not an employee yet and she is doing her best in order to get this job. Arisa meets Tawan when arriving and she understands that he is her guide. They travel around the province because Arisa wants to take photos for her work.


This short film is a romantic comedy film. This film is not as good as the first film, Destiny Diary, but it is not bad. I love the ending part. If you watch it, watch it to the ending. You will be surprised.

In the film mostly Arisa speaks Japanese and Tawan speaks Thai. They use a mobile application to translate. For me, a person who do not understand Japanese, I do need subtitle when watching this film. Same as Destiny Diary, I cannot find this film with English subtitle.

Here is the full movie with Thai subtitle. If you know Thai, Enjoy watching!

Have you ever watched Destiny Memory? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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