Doi Mon Jong… My second trekking experience

My first trekking trip was at Phu Soi Dao. It was fun, so I want to try it again. Well, I have to tell you first that I’m not that into trekking. I am not a person who wants to trek everywhere in the world. I just love trying something new.

This time, my second trekking experience was at Doi Mon Jong (ดอยม่อนจอง in Thai). It is located at ChiangMai, northern Thailand. Before the trip, my friend told me that trekking at Doi Mon Jong was easier than at Phu Soi Dao. So, I did not prepare much (as always).

The only way to go to Doi Mon Jong was by four-wheel car. And the route to Doi Mon Jong was quite dangerous for me. It took us more than an hour on the officer’s four-wheel car to be there.

My feeling after the second trekking was it was also difficult. And yes, my friend was right. The walking path was less tough. But, it was still not easy to walk for me.

And the facilities were even worse than Phu Soi Dao. At Phu Soi Dao… no telephone signal, and no internet. Here… same and also no food, no drinking water, and no toilet. So, we had to prepare everything. Luckily the porters were available for hire.

Same as my first trekking, this time there were around 20 people in the group. I did not know all of them. I knew only 2 people. But, it was not fun like my first trekking; I did not make many friends during the trip.

Even if I said that it was difficult to walk, the facilities was bad, and it was not fun, I was really enjoyed the beautiful landscape while I trekked. See the photos and you will understand me.

 DoiMonJong01 DoiMonJong02 DoiMonJong03 DoiMonJong04

What I was really impressed in this trip was a toilet. My friend built the toilet for us. We spent 2 nights at the summit, so the smell in the toilet was very bad on the last day.


All in all, I was impressed. The view of the nature was worth visiting. But if you ask me to go there again, I will think twice.

Have you ever been to Doi Mon Jong? Have you ever trekked? Share you experience with me in the comment!


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