Doo Dee Siam Restaurant

Wanna try spicy foods? I recommend you Doo Dee Siam Restaurant, or shortly called “Doo Dee”.


Last month I went to Siam Square with my friend. We had lunch at Doo Dee which was one of our favorite restaurants when we were teenagers. This restaurant serves both Vietnamese and Thai dishes. It is best known for variety of spicy noodle soups. The dishes have several levels of spicy starting from 0.5 to 3 (if I’m not wrong). Level 0.5 is the least spicy level, while level 3 is the most spicy level.


The noodle names might confuse you. Actually, they are difficult to understand for me too! But these food names make this restaurant has an identity. And don’t worry, the menu here is explained well in both English and Thai. The popular and spicy dishes are also highlighted in the menu.

Here is what we ordered: 3 bowls of noodle and 1 Thai spicy salad. All of them are at level 0.5. They are pretty spicy for us, so be careful when you order.


Instead of franchise restaurants, try Doo Dee, if you want to experience Bangkok like a local.

Update: December, 2013

Price: 253 Baht/ 2 people

Location: Get off from the BTS (sky train) at Siam station, and then walk to Siam Square Soi 2 (moved from Soi 4).

Geographic coordinate: 13.7450757, 100.5320796

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