Dream World… an amusement park near Bangkok

Dream World is an amusement park in Pathum Thani province. It is very close to Bangkok and we usually go there as a day trip (some Thai do not even know that Dream World is not in Bangkok).

There are several rides and shows in Dream World. You can check all shows and rides from its website. Here, I will highlight only the rides and the shows I like.

First thing I always did when I went to Dream World was getting on scary rides. Do you want to prove your bravery and courage? Let’s try these three scary rides: Viking Ship, Hurricane, and Sky Coaster. I tried Viking Ship and Sky Coaster. It was fun, but they are experiences I would not repeat again!

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Dream world has the 4D Theater which is called 4D Adventure. It was my first time watching movie with wind effect, water spray effect, vibration, and so on; and it was fun. I loved it.

Since, as you may know, Thailand is relatively hot most of the year and it does not snow in Thailand, the Snow Town is one of the popular attractions. In this giant refrigerator, my favorite part is a slope to sled down. I enjoyed sledding down, but I hated climbing to the top of the slope. It was very cold inside, but you do not have to prepare any clothes. The jackets are available in front of the town.


If you are a photography lover, Giant’s House is a place for you. Everything inside is very big.

Big eggs


Big utensils and big shoes


Big chairs and big cage


Not only in the Giant’s House that you can have nice photos, but also outside.

 DreamWorld07 DreamWorld08 DreamWorld09

If you come to Thailand with your kids, you might put Dream World in your itinerary. It is a perfect place for family. Prepare yourself by wearing comfortable clothes and shoes and do not forget to bring sunscreen and hat with you; you have much chance to use them.

Update: August 2014

Location: Rangsit-Ongkarak road, Thanyaburi, Pathumthani, Thailand

How to get there: for public transportation, take air-conditioned bus no. 538 from Victory of Mounment. You can see the map from its website.

Opening hours: Weekdays from 10.00 to 17.00, Weekends and public holidays from 10.00 to 19.00

Admission fee: there are 3 packages; you can check the price from its website.

Website:  http://www.dreamworld.co.th/en/

Have you ever been to Dream World? Do you like it there?  Share your experience with me in the comments!

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