Erawan Shrine or Than Toa Mahaprom

We can see Erawan shrine (or Than Toa Mahaprom or the famous four faced Buddha), a very popular shrine among locals, from Ratchaprasong skywalk on the left hand side while walking from BTS Chidlom to CentralWorld shopping mall (the photo was taken during new year festival, so you will see that the gate and the fence were decorated beautifully with lights).


I from time to time visit and pray at the shrine. Nowadays I see more and more tourists visiting and praying here. Here is a bit of history of Erawan Shrine. More details can be found here.


While walking to the shrine, you will see many stalls selling garland, joss stick, candle, and wooden elephant. I do recommend you to buy these things from a stall inside the gate because the prices are more reasonable.


We believe that each Buddha face represents different aspects of life. The first face is about work and career. The second face is about wealth. The third face is about health and relationship, and the fourth face is about fortune.


For how to pray or the procedure to pray, there are several versions. I usually buy a small set (25 baht) and start my prayers from the first face from the entrance gate and then go counterclockwise.

Around the shrine, you will usually see Thai dance performance. Some people hire the dancers when their prayers answered.


When I visit the Erawan Shrine, I usually cross the streets to pray at the Trimurti Shrine and Ganesha Shrine too.

Update: December, 2014

Location/ How to get there: in front of Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, on the corner of the Ratchaprasong intersection. You can go there by BTS (getting off at Chidlom Station).

Dress code: The dress code is not strict. I have never been checked by the officer before, but I do recommend you to dress properly. No very short pants. No tank tops.

Admission fee: Free

Opening Hours: Everyday from 6.00 -23.00


Have you ever been to Erawan Shrine or Than Toa Mahaprom? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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