Exotic Thai… Quality Thai arts and crafts

Exotic Thai is a zone that selling quality Thai arts and crafts which is located at 4th Floor, Siam Paragon and 5th Floor, The Emporium. If you are about to visit Thailand and finding a place to buy quality souvenirs or gifts back for friends and family in your country, I recommend you to have a look here.


First of all, I have to tell you that all the photos below were taken at Siam Paragon branch. Well, I have been to Exotic Thai at The Emporium before and it is also big and sells similar products.

You can find soap and cream products here.


There are several types and colors of Thai silk available.



Handmade pillows and handbags also could be found here.

ExoticThai04 ExoticThai05 ExoticThai06

Beautiful necklaces and bracelets are also available.

ExoticThai08 ExoticThai09

One corner of this zone is dedicated for knitting and sewing equipments such as yarn and sewing machine. If you do not know how to knit, the seller will teach you how to do it. Well, of course you have to buy their products first.


Besides, elegant ornaments and decorations could be found here.


Have you ever been to Exotic Thai Zone? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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