Eze… what a cute village

Christmas is a long holiday in Europe. Dec 2011 was my first Christmas in Europe. At first I did not know where to go during the festival. Then, one of my friends told me that she found the cheap air ticket from Milan to Marseille.

12 Euros, was it cheap?

Of course, it was even cheaper than travelling from Bangkok to north of Thailand. The bus ticket from Bolzano (where we lived) to Milan costed us around 25 Euros.

So, the air ticket was even cheaper than the train ticket too. I was really surprised!!

So, we decided to go there. We made an itinerary of all the places we were going to go. Marseille, Cannes, and Nice were in our list. Eze was not in our plan. We did not even realize that this place existed in the world. But while we were in Marseille, we met an Indonesian guy in the hostel. He recommended us to go to this cute village named Eze. He told us how nice this village was. Even if we did not know him before, we believed him.

We headed to Eze by bus. Eze is a medieval village which is not far from Nice. And yes, this village was really cute, beauty and charm like that guy told us. We met some tourists there.

 Eze01 Eze02 Eze03 Eze04

We also entered the exotic garden. It was not free; we had to pay the admission fee to enter the garden. I did not know much about the plants, but the view from the garden was wonderful.

 Eze05 Eze06

Everything there was so nice; I loved the souvenir shops around.

 Eze07 Eze08

If you plan to go somewhere around south of France, I do recommend you to include Eze in your itinerary. It is a great place for holiday. Only 2 to 3 hours is enough to explore this tiny village, but you might plan to stay overnight there.

Have you ever been to Eze Village? Do you like this place? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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