Fabulous 30… when age does not matter

Fabulous 30 is a Thai romantic comedy movie that was released on 2011. The film stars Patcharapa Chaichue (Aum), Phuphom Phongpanu (Ken), and Peter Corp Dyrendal.

It is the story of Ja, a 30 something year old woman who has a perfect life: a stable career, good friends, and a handsome boyfriend. But, one day she found out that her boyfriend wanted to halt the 7-year relationship. Ja was disappointed and had to accept this. And on her 31st birthday party, she meets Por, and he falls in love with her. But Por is 24, 7-year-old younger than her, and a younger man is not her type.


In the past, in Thai society it was rarely to see a couple that a woman is older than a man, but nowadays it is more acceptable. Anyway, Ja still feels uncertain. What would happen in their relationship? Will Por win her heart? And what if her boyfriend comes back?

For me, this is one of the best Thai feel-good movies. Aum looks really good in this movie. It is hard to believe that she is already 30 in real life. I love how Por try, try and try to win her heart. This movie made me giggle as well as laugh out loud. If you love Thai romantic comedy, I would recommend you to watch this movie. It is a great one.

Here is the official trailer with English subtitle. Enjoy watching!

Have you ever watched Fabulous 30? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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