Featherdale Wildlife Park… I wanted to see kangaroo

I do not like going to zoo. I could not remember the last time I had been to zoo in Thailand. I do not like seeing animals doing their things and also it is sad to see lives without freedom.

But even if I said that, I went to Featherdale Wildlife Park, an Australian zoo in Doonside, Sydney when I visited Australia. The reason was I wanted to see kangaroo. At that time I was in Australia about two months and I had never seen kangaroo, the Australia iconic animal, even once.

My friends and I decided to rent a car and drove to the zoo together. It rained when we got closer to the zoo, but luckily it did not rain hard and stopped after walking in the zoo for a while.

 Featherdale01 Featherdale02

When I saw this animal, I took many photos of it because I thought it was a kangaroo.


After taking many photos, I saw the sign telling me that it was wallaby. Oh… what was wallaby? And why did it look very similar to kangaroo? I got the answer; wallaby is an animal from the same clan as kangaroo, but it is smaller. So, I concluded that wallaby is like a small kangaroo.


At this zoo, we were allowed to cuddle and take photos with koalas. The koalas were so adorable, but I did not like their smells.

 Featherdale05 Featherdale06 Featherdale07 Featherdale08

There were many native animals in this zoo and you will get a passport to get stamped at every area in the zoo.


Finally, I met the kangaroos. When I first saw them, I was afraid that they were going to kick me. But it seemed pretty safe.



All in all, I had fun with friends and had a chance to see kangaroo like I wanted. For me kangaroos and koalas were the highlight. I have heard that some zoos are not allowed visitors to touch the animals, so if you want to touch or get up close with the animals, consider this zoo! We were in the zoo around 2-3 hours, then we headed to Blue Mountains.

Have you ever been to Featherdale Wildlife Park? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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