Fitzroy Gardens… I wanted to see the fairies tree

Fitzroy Gardens is a pleasing garden located in Melbourne CBD, Australia. It is one of the attractions in Melbourne. While planning to visit Melbourne, Fitzroy Gardens was included in my itinerary because of the fairies tree. When I first saw the tree from the website, I thought it was so cute and I wanted to see it in the flesh.

I made an appointment with my friend, who lived in this city in order to study English language, and we went to the garden together. Well, the garden did not have just only the fairies tree. We first unintentionally went to the conservatory and I really liked the smell of flowers inside. It was so good to see the colorful flowers in the late winter.

FitzroyGardens01 FitzroyGardens02

Inside the garden, there were many interesting things:

The two cottages (Cooks’ Cottage and Sinclair’s Cottage) 


The miniature Tudor Village (is located in the center of the garden) – The village is composed of several buildings. It was built as a hobby by English and sent to Melbourne as a gift.


The fairies tree – the kids’ attraction. It is the cutest tree ever!

FitzroyGardens05 FitzroyGardens06

The Dolphin Fountain and other statues in the garden


We had a walk and enjoyed the breeze there. I felt relaxed and peaceful, while I was in the garden. I was very impressed with this charming garden. The cute things in this garden were adorable and I thought it was a perfect place for kids and family.

Have you ever been to Fitzroy Gardens? Do you like it there? Do you like the fairies tree, the little Tudor village, and the dolphin fountain? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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