Five Indoor Malls in Bangkok for the best shopping

As you many know, there are several shopping places in Bangkok. For me, this city is a shopper’s paradise; I could find shopping places in every area in Bangkok. Some of them are indoor, while others are outdoor. Since Bangkok is hot all year around, I prefer the indoor ones and here is the list of my top five indoor malls in Bangkok for the best shopping. In case that you do not have much time in Bangkok and want to have a great shopping experience here, you just pick one from the list and go. I am sure you will enjoy shopping there!

1. MBK Center (MahBoonkhrong Center)

The first mall is the most well-known one in Bangkok. This mall is the only mall in the list that I have seen since I was young. This mall has been renovated several times. My friends and I have shopped at this mall since we were teenagers. You can find both local and international brands, both cheap stuffs and expensive stuffs. For locals, it is a great place for selling and buying second-hand mobile phones. You can see the detail of MBK Center here.


2. Siam Paragon

This one is one of the big luxury malls in Bangkok. It is the mall that you can find global luxury brands such as Burberry, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton. What I like here is Gourmet Market, big grocery store, at the ground level of the shopping centre; you can find ingredients for both Thai and international foods here. And there are also variety of food stalls and restaurants around. To go to Siam Paragon, just get off the BTS (skytrain) at Siam Station.


3. Central World

Central World is quite similar to Siam Paragon. It is also a luxury mall and you can find international luxury brands there. What I like at this mall would be the restaurants; this mall has many restaurants. When I do not know where to eat, I occasionally go to Central World. To go to Central World, just get off the BTS (skytrain) at Chidlom Station.


4. The Platinum Fashion Mall

This mall is well-known for cheap fashion clothing and accessories. The shops sell both wholesale and retail. For this mall, just buy three (or only two) items from the same shop, you will get the wholesale price! This is the only mall in the list that cannot reach by BTS (skytrain). It needs a bit of walking. You can see the detail of The Platinum Fashion Mall here.


5. Terminal21

Compared to the other malls in the list, Terminal21 is relatively new. This mall has both local and international brand shops. What I like here are the restrooms, food court, and some boutique shops. The restrooms here are nice and each is decorated uniquely and beautifully. The food court here is claimed to be the cheapest food court in Bangkok by local; if you want to try, please avoid the peak hours. Some boutique here is owned by local designer. The price of the clothes is higher than The Platinum, and the quality is much better. If you want the clothes that are designed uniquely, I do recommend you to stop by at this mall. You can see the detail of Terminal21 here.


Have you ever been to Bangkok? Do you like shopping at these recommended malls? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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