Five places worth visiting in Thailand

When talking about Thailand, many people are thinking of Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, or Chiangmai. But, Thailand is bigger than just only 4 popular provinces. Today I would like to share you 5 more places in 5 provinces in Thailand that are worth visiting and I hope you will like them.

1. Chiangkarn is a small town lying along the Mekong river in Loei province, northeast of Thailand. There, you will see the rows of vintage shops and wood houses along the street. I was there on October 2010. Chiangkarn, the charming old town, just celebrated its centennial and became a popular tourist place for Thais. The town still preserved the traditional way of life and protected local business against 7-Eleven convenience stores. However, I heard that finally 7-Eleven convenience store already came to this little town. So, if you plan to go there, I would encourage you to buy stuffs from the local shops and eat at local restaurants. The foods there are a little bit spicier than the foods in Bangkok, but personally I like them more.


2. Phu soi dao National park is located between Uttaradit and Pittsanulok Province separating the Thai and Lao border area. August and September is the high season period because you will have much chance to see ngon nak (Murdannia giganteum) blossoms. You can enjoy the beautiful forests, while trekking up to the mountain. I was there on August 2009. It was my first trekking experience in the mountain. At the beginning I was worried that it might be too difficult for me to hike up 6.5 km distance, but it was an amazing experience. It took me around 6 hours to reach the park and I made many friends while I hiked up to the mountains. We stayed 2 nights at the summit. There is no accommodation and restaurant available. Tourists need to prepare tents, gear, and foods by themselves, but porters are available for hire at the park office.


3. Khao sok national park, one of the largest reserves in Thailand, is located in Suratthani province, south of Thailand. It also includes the Cheow Lan or Ratchaprapha dam. Because of the similarity of the huge limestone mountains, this place was named as Guilin of Thailand. More information of this place can be found hereI was there on April 2007 and stayed 2 nights in the floating raft houses in the lake. I was really impressed with its rainforest and lakes. I think this is a place to go on vacation particularly for nature lovers.


4. Nang Yuan Island is a small island which is located in Suratthani province, south of Thailand. This island is popular for diving and snorkeling. Nang Yuan consists of three small islands connecting to each other by a white sand beach offering a unique view. Some tourists stayed overnight there, while others decided to stay at Koh Tao (Tao Island) and buy a day trip to Nang Yuan. Boat is the only option to reach Nang Yuan and walking is the only option to get around the island. More information of this place can be found hereI was there on July 2005 and April 2009. This island was the only place in Thailand that I went back.


5. Tarutao National Marine Park consists of a group of 51 islands off the coast of Satun Province, south of Thailand. The islands are divided in two groups. The first group is Tarutao island which is the largest island. The second group includes Koh Adang, Koh Rawi, Koh Lipe and their adjacent islands. I was there on February 2006. It was my first time snorkeling which offered me a chance to enjoy underwater world and inspired me to explore other islands in Thailand. Koh Khai, a small island located between Tarutao and Adang island, is my favorite island. I love its natural stone arch and white sand beach there. If you plan to go there, make sure you don’t miss this island.


Have you ever been to these places? Do you think they are worth visiting? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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